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The Angel and The Petal's Love Will Never Fade
TeukChul Love Stories


 My name is Izzati and currently I am studying Medic in Second year (2010/2011)...
TeukChul is my bias...
O yea! I decide to f-locked but if i post in a comm...i will open 3 days only (based on general comm rule)
I never love writing but most of the stories I write are based on my feelings toward MUSIC...
You all can add me...I give you the freedom to do that...
Stories can be found under the cut...
i have organized my works....
Since I have write to other couples...and 100 SuJu Challenge...i will not combine those lists under the same cut...
I Love TeukChul to the Heart
....but I am reading to other couples too~~~

p/s: my stories are editted by my wonderful lil sis of mine spinningstar_15

Chaptered Fic
[Rating: PG]

Title: ""
Summary: Eeteuk loves white, Heechul likes colourful colourful colour, they are arranged married due to Heechul’s dongsaeng craziness, Eeteuk does not like Heechul but Heechul has fallen for Eeteuk from his high school years, unfortunately Heechul never admits to Eeteuk can Eeteuk loves Heechul like Heechul loves him? Only time will decide.
Status: OnGoing
[Chap. 1]\[Chap. 2]\[Chap. 3}\[Chap. 4]\[Chap.5]\[Chap. 6]\[Chap. 7]\[Chap. 8]\[Chap. 9]\[Chap. 10]\[Chap. 11]

Title: Accident...Love...Us
Summary: The Night that Changes Our Destiny
Status: Complete
PART 1:[Your Last Promise-HanChul]
PART 2:[Our Last Night-KangTeuk]

Title: Chasing You, Chasing Us
Summary: When you love someone, let it go and if it comes back to you, it is meant to be for you
PART 1:[Goodbye]
(Prompt: 100 SuJu Challenge #53.Puppies)
PART 2:["You Are Always Late"]

Title: Smiling Angel
Summary: 3 shots on How AngelTeukie has his smile
Note: Prompt: 100 SuJu Challenge #059, #048 and #007
Part A:[Calender]
Part B:[That Girl]
Part C:[Chronology of Teukie's Heart]

The First Ten Days of July
status: COMPLETE
Title: Eeteuk's Birthday
Characters: Heechul, Kangin, Eeteuk (there is Jay too)
Summary: It is Eeteuk's Birhday, he got the best presents in his it?
Attention: This fic is un-beta...Sorry for any grammar error...

Title: Maybe
Pairing: Heechul/Eeteuk (guest appearance HaeHyuk ^_^)
Summary: On the third of July, the HaeHyuk couple decide to spend their time at amusement park and they bring the secretly-admire-crush-with-each-other couple as their cheperon but the HaeHyuk couple decide to ditch Eeteuk alone and Heechul come to the rescue. In the end of the day, Heechul finally said words that regrets his choice.

title: Fifth of July
characters: Heechul, Eeteuk, Kangin
rating: PG
summary: It's the Fifth of July of the Summer season. Heechul is having his lucky day to spend his time with Eeteuk at the tea house. Later, he drags Eeteuk along to his house. Eeteuk spends his dinner with the Kim's family for the first time and at the end of the day, Eeteuk still sticks with his love towards Heechul.
attention: there is a slight scene of tea is a korean tea ceremony. Well after google it...I use it in this fanfiction...and I am sorry for the grammar errors. I hope you enjoy reading ^_^

title:Confessions of the July
pairing: HeeTeuk
characters: OCs...O yea...I borrow someone's name ^_^
rating: PG
summary: Attend a business party is not Heechul's first choice but he can get away from it but Lady Luck on his side (GD&TOP feat Park Bom, Oh Yeah! part of lyric hehehehe) Heechul sees Eeteuk at the lobby and the night of July Seventh gets more interesting. Morning of July Eighth comes and the morning seems the start of their relationship, really?
attention: ....How I want to end this story...I got basic idea that Heechul is going to overseas and study do you want to end? Hurm....Plus...I am sorry for any grammar mistakes...

Title: 10/7/2011...I Love You
Rating: PG
Summary: Heechul's birthday morning made a confession to Eeteuk at the bored old hallway.
Notes: This is the end of Ten Days of July Series (^_^) Sorry for taking so long to end the series~~~ Enjoy reading and sorry for any grammar mistakes (^_^)

Title: Coincidence Meeting You
Parts: [PART 1]
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Summary: Summer is a nice day for shopping (according to Heechul) but he has to spent his day at the park (because his best friend and his mother) and coincidentally (or prefer it as accident in Heechul's term) the ball hits on his perfect head (great!)

Title: Waiting For You
Rating: PG
Summary: When love is blossoming in our life, we have to go different paths. Separation is the only way but waiting for you is something that we both could not hold onto. How long we have to take this different path? Deep down in our heart, we know we will meet again at the end of the road. Heaven knows when, we can only wait and keep on living with only one wish...To meet you again at the end of the road.
Length: Three Shots
Genre: Angst-Happy Ending
Click on the poster to read the story


Pairing: (top) Eeteuk, (bottom) Heechul a.k.a TeukChul ^^
Rating: NC-17
Genre: SMUT
Summary: Cremasteric Reflex...a theory to test ^^

[TeukChul's Family]
Title: Bubble Bath (100 SuJu Challenge #093.Bubble Bath)
Pairing: Eeteuk/Heechul/baby Chin Sun(OC)
Rating: G
Summary: Heechul and his daughter, Chin Sun is doing their lovely weekday together and Eeteuk joins later after he comes back from his work. It's a lovely family time.
Notes: Since it's writer's choice section...hehehehehe i'm gonna do my fav pairing and it's TeukChul Family Moment v^^v

Title: The Way We Start Our Relationship
Pairing: Heechul/Eeteuk
Summary: This is the story of how Heechul and Eeteuk starts their relationship and all thanks to Kim Jaejoong for making a turning point.
Length: OneShot
Genre: Romance, University Life...
P/S: This is done in Heechul's POV

Title: Make ups
Pairing:Eeteuk/Heechul (Ryeowook, Sohee, Henry and HaeHyuk as guest appearance)
Prompt:100 SuJu Challenge (number 094:Make ups/WC)
Summary: One typical day for Heechul till he get a note from his husband. He goes home as usual then his children helps him to get ready for the night.

Genre: angst
Rating: pg-13 (contain some cursing words)
Pairing: broken; TeukChul, HanChul and slight YeWon.
Summary: It is a tale of pain in the heart between two separate souls but life must go on. Even how painful the soul felt.
warning: un-betaed!

Rating: G
Genre: Angst, Death
Summary: He loves Heechul and three years enduring the pain of being lonely even though they are together but the feeling of pain and loneliness cannot be hold on forever as life will be taking what is importance to you without you ever known. When the lost came, Heechul had realized what his life is and wish for the time to go back where it used to be.

Note: This story is taken from JYJ-In Heaven [mv] but I add few details in this story to make it as HeeTeuk's version.

Title: [Rough roads for Us]
Pairing: Heechul/Sungmin
Prompt: 100 Suju Challenge #008. Locket
Rating: G
Summary: A story about the beginning of a father and son relationship. The locket is an abstract symbol to symbolize that is precious and using the locket as a theme to show the beginning of a beautiful and precious bond. It starts with a rough road but ends with a beautiful hope.

Title: Time Machine
Pairing: (broken)HeeTeuk/ SiChul
Rating: PG13
Summary: Just one mistake it changes everything and even if I have time machine, I'll go back to the time where I don't meet you.

[Time Machine]

Title: You're My Everything
Pairing: Kim Heechul/Park Eeteuk
Rating: Pg-13 (slight Mpreg scene)
Summary: Family Life of the famous composer-song writer-lecturer in Literature Department Kim Heechul with his beloved husband, Park Eeteuk.

[You're My Everything]

Title: Wedding Dress Story
Pairing: Kim Heechul & Park Eeteuk (feat Kim Kangin)
Summary: The Wedding Dress Story of Kim Heechul is not a beautiful fantasy but a painful reality.
Rating: PG

[Kim Heechul's Wedding Dress Story]

Title: "Love is beautiful,"
Pairing: Kim Heechul & Park Eeteuk
Rating: PG
Summary: "Love is beautiful," Yunho thought.

[Click the poster]

Title: Route to Teukie's Love
Pairing: Heechul & Eeteuk
Rating: PG
Warning: There are some cursing words are used.
Length: Oneshot
Summary: Heechul has been spying to his one and only man, Park Eeteuk and he have developed a crush on the boy since their first year in their university. It is their final year, Heechul is determined to tell the boy and make the boy his.

[Mission RTT: Success!]

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