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[UPDATE] 100 SuJu Challenge

Title: Dance Practice
Pairing: Kibum/Shindong (Slight appearance of Kim Heechul)
Rating: PG
Prompt: 100 SuJu Challenge #41.Dance Practice
Warning!: Genderswitch Girl;Kibum and Girl;Heechul
Summary: Dance practice is a one shot story of Kim Kibum who secretly loves a professional dancer named Shin Donghee. With her secret crush towards the dancer, she devices a plan so that she can get close with her man.

On a spring night, Shindong, the dance instructor of N Dance Academy is taking his rest after one whole day practicing new choreography for the upcoming International Waltz Dance Competition which will be held at Seoul. He has been practicing for weeks and he satisfied with his moves until the late evening incident, the owner of the studio had introduced him a new student.

“She is Kim Kibum and I want her to be your partner for your Waltz Dancing Competition,” said the owner of the studio, Kim Heechul. Then she left the studio and leaving the two of them alone.

“Ok,” replied Shindong and the two figures stand there awkwardly.

“So, Miss Kibum,”

“I don’t know how to dance,” Kibum said instantly and makes Shindong gasped.

“You don’t know?” asked Shindong and Kibum just stayed silent.

“But why do you enter this competition? There are so many professional dancers will be at the competition and the chance for you to win is,” asked Shindong with concerned.

“Slim. I know, well the owner of the studio is my sister and she wants me to socialize. So she enroll me into this competition even though she knows that I can’t dance,” replied Kibum hesitantly and Shindong just sighed when he hears the answer.

“So, I guess we have no choice but to teach you from the scrap. We have another two months to polish your dance so that the judges will not see your flaws,” replied Shindong.
(end of flashback)

The late evening resulted Shindong to teach Kibum right from the scratch and he even changes some of the moves so that Kibum can follow his lead. He even chooses a very specific song so that the steps and the rhythm can match with Kibum’s move.

“I hope we can win this,” he sighed and it is his first time that happens to him. Usually, he always partner with another professional dancer that is same level with him but this year is different. ‘This year is different from last year’s and it is special,’ he murmured. Few minutes later, his cell phone ringed and he answers it.


“ Shindong oppa,”

“Yes Kibum,”

“Well, I want to say good luck and I hope that we can do our best for tomorrow’s competition,” said Kibum.

“Oh, ok. Good luck to you too. Get rest now, we’ll meet tomorrow in front of the studio. We’ll
go to the place together,”

“Ok, good night, Shindong oppa,”

As Kibum has ended her phone call, she smiles. ‘I love you, Shindong oppa,’ she whispers. Yes, Kibum loves Shindong since she sees Shindong participates the International Waltz Dance Competition three years ago. She was also the dancer but she was working from other studio.
When she sees Shindong’s amazing performance, she falls instantly. Luckily, her sister, Kim Heechul is a dance studio owner and has lots of contacts with other dancers. So she asked about Shindong and to make it luckier, Shindong is working for her sister’s company. So she plots a plan just to be close with the amazing dancer, Shindong. She chuckles when she remembers the first night practice.

“Miss Kibum, just step on my feet and I’ll guide you,” asked Shindong.

“Are you sure? I am wearing high heels today. I think it is going to hurt your feet,” replied Kibum.

“It’s ok,” and Shindong brings Kibum’s body closer to him. Slowly Shindong helps Kibum into the dance position.

“You head slanted to the right just a bit and don’t hold your body. Just go with the rhythms,” guided Shindong and Kibum just follow the instruction obediently. As the music cue, Shindong begins the dance. Kibum with her excellent acting skill, she pretends that her body is stiff and do not follow the flow of Shindong’s dance. Later she sees Shindong’s face turned into red.

“Shindong oppa, your face is red. Are you ok?” asked Kibum, she stops suddenly and stand on her feet. Shindong quickly seats on the floor and take out his shoes. He holds his feet while Kibum just take a look at the feet closely.

“Oh my, look at your feet. It is red. I’m sorry, I’ll go take a pack of ice,” Kibum quickly rushed the bar that is at the corner of the studio and take the ice. Later, she put the ice pack on both Shindong’s feet.

“I’m sorry,” Kibum said in low tone.

“It’s ok, it’s my fault by the way,” Shindong smiled and Kibum looks at him and blushed. The rest of evening, they spent chatting and laughing.
(end of flashback)

“Shindong oppa is very gullible. He is my teddy bear,” Kibum started to giggles when she remembers the today’s practice.

“Ok Kibum, since this past two months your dancing skills have upgrade, why don’t we do rehearsal for tomorrow’s competition?” asked Shindong while placing his bag at the bench that located at the left side of the studio. Kibum just look at him and agrees with the plan.

After taking their position, the music starts to play. Shindong and Kibum are facing each other and Kibum can feel her heart is beating rapidly. Their eyes are met and the silent atmosphere of the studio makes the two people feel the rhythm. They begin their dance and go with the flow of the rhythm. The slow jazz song that was chose by Shindong makes the couple dances elegantly.
After three minutes dance, they stop and stare at each other’s eye. Kibum slowly approach to Shindong and hug him gently for five minutes. The night feels like eternity to Kibum and she wishes she can stop the time and enjoy the closeness between them.

Than a ring was heard from Kibum’s phone and she scrambles to her phone. Shindong just blinked and stunned for the incident.

“Shindong oppa, I need to go home now. Good night,” she just walked out from the studio.
(end of flashback)

That night brings out the new feelings for the two souls. Shindong and Kibum just smiles when they remember back today’s practice. While Shindong is walking to his apartment, he looks at the young couples and smiling. While on the other side of city, Kibum lie down on her bed and hugs her big brown teddy bear and smiling.

‘Practice with you is the best memory for me and I love you,’ both of them whisper silently and smiles.
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